For Medical Personnel

For doctors at semi-open collaborative medical facilities

As in the past, please make an appointment by FAX 03-5800-9102 to the Community Medical Cooperation Department.
If you are having difficulty in making an appointment but feel that you should hurry, please contact the Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic at 03-3815-5411 (ext. 36142).

For doctors outside semi-open collaborative medical facilities

Patients should contact the Reservation Center of the University of Tokyo Hospital to make an appointment.
In case of fetal cases or if you think it is better to hurry, please contact the Obstetrical Outpatient at 03-3815-5411 (ext. 36142).

Maternal transport requests and consultations

Please contact the Obstetrics duty at 03-3815-5411 (ext. 30442).