Appointment obstetrics

Appointments are required for both the initial and follow-up consultations.

For first-time visitors to the University of Tokyo Hospital

Once the fetal heartbeat is confirmed, please obtain a referral letter and contact the Reservation Center to make an appointment for your first visit to Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tokyo Hospital. If the fetal heartbeat is confirmed at your initial semi-open Collaborating Medical Facility, you will be required to make your first visit to the University of Tokyo Hospital by around 20 weeks of pregnancy according to the instructions of the medical facility. Until then, you will receive prenatal checkups at the Collaborating Medical Facility.
If you are planning to have a hometown delivery at the University of Tokyo Hospital, you will receive your prenatal checkups at the University of Tokyo Hospital after 34-35 weeks of pregnancy.
As a general rule, we ask that you have your first prenatal checkup before that, and please inquire at the Obstetrics Outpatient Department as appropriate.

  • Prenatal checkups are not available for the patients who are not planning to deliver at the University of Tokyo Hospital.
  • In principle, the University of Tokyo Hospital does not limit the number of deliveries. However, it might not be able to deliver at the University of Tokyo Hospital depending on the timing of your first appointment after pregnancy.
  • During your first visit, please come to the General Reception Desk on the 1st floor approximately 30 minutes before your appointment time.

Second visit (return visit) at 34-36 weeks of pregnancy

If your pregnancy is progressing well at the semi-open site, you will be asked to visit the University of Tokyo Hospital again at 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. To make an appointment, please call the Appointment Center by yourself. If you call us at least two weeks prior to the day you wish to see the doctor, the appointment will go smoothly. The second visit may take up to two hours, including the NST test. Subsequent checkups will be held at the University of Tokyo Hospital.

Opening hours

Please check in advance as the consultation hours vary depending on each outpatient clinic.
The clinic is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and during the year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 – January 3).
Please remember to bring your health insurance card, various types of medical certificates, publicly funded medical tickets, as well as the referral letter.

Obstetrical outpatient Day of week Consultation time
Prenatal checkup outpatient Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00
Ultrasound outpatient Mon/Wed/Fri 13:00-15:00
Midwife outpatient Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri 13:00-15:00
It takes about 30 minutes.
Breastfeeding outpatient Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri 9:30-12:00
Infertility clinic Wed 13:00-
Perinatal genetics clinic Tue/Thu 13:00-15:00

How to make an appointment

Please call the Reservation Center. Please follow the voice guidance to make an appointment. You can make the appointment even during the guidance. You can make an appointment up to two days before your visit.
If you have a referral letter, please have it ready before making an appointment (We are confirming your address).

Reservation center:
Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00
(except December 29 – January 3)
Contact hours: 11:00 – 16:00 Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.


Voice guidance Number button
Re-consultation appointment [ 1 ]
Appointment for the first visit [ 2 ]
Appointment change, cancellation, confirmation [ 1 ]
Regarding the second opinion [ 4 ]
Medical personnel [ 6 ]
The others [ 7 ]

How to contact in an emergency

In case of an emergency (during childbirth), please call the representative number and connect to Obstetrical Outpatient or Emergency Outpatient by extension. An obstetrician/gynecologist or midwife will ask you questions.
Please remain calm and answer the questions in person. If it is determined that you need medical attention or that your delivery is about to proceed, you will be asked to come to the hospital.
During childbirth, please come directly to Delivery unit.

Representative number:
Obstetrical Outpatient, ext. 36142
(weekdays 8:30-17:00)

Emergency Outpatient, ext. 34100
(other than the above hours)
  • Consultation form number.
  • Your name.
  • Expected date.
  • Your current condition (stomach ache, water breaking, bleeding, etc.).
  • Access to the hospital (transportation and time required).