Birth Plan Delivery

Birth Plan

The plan is designed for mothers to get an idea of their own birth and to think about the type of birth delivery they want to have. It is also a great way to prepare for the birth with your family. We would like to assist you from the time you become pregnant to the time you give birth. As such, you can enter the delivery with as little stress and tension as possible. The content of the birth plan can be modified (even during delivery!) at any time. Let’s create your own “Mom’s Notebook” to enhance your self-care skills during pregnancy and after delivery.

Preparing your body for childbirth

Childbirth is a long process. If you don’t prepare your body properly, you will become exhausted. Let’s train your body little by little in preparation for childbirth. The same principle applies to those who wish to have an epidural labor. Thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy is the beginning of the appropriate time to have a “normal term delivery”. Let’s get an early start before we get into troubles with labor pains even after the scheduled date! Even if you are planning to have a cesarean section, please refer to this article to prepare your postpartum strength.

Birth process

You can check it by sliding it sideways.

Epidural labor

In response to the wishes of expectant mothers, we offer “epidural labor” by using mainly epidural anesthesia.
We hope that you will understand the risks and costs as well as the benefits of this procedure before making your decision. About Epidural labor

About attending the birth

Currently, husbands can attend the birth only under limited conditions due to the COVID19 pandemic. Please ask medical staff in advance.
In case of a cesarean section, attending the birth in the operating room is not allowed. Please note that in case of emergency or unique situations, we may ask you to leave the room and you may not be able to attend the birth. Photography, videography, and recording are not allowed during the delivery process. Postpartum photography is allowed, subject to the condition of the mother and baby. Our staff will inform you when the timing is right to take pictures.

About in-hospital midwifery

Midwives play a central role in providing support from birth to postpartum so that the mother and her family can have a natural birth according to the birth plan including free-style birth and the joy of raising the child. With the support of the doctor, the midwife will assist in the delivery alone if the progress is good. Together with the midwife, let’s make your birth your own.
The cost for both antenatal checkup and delivery is the same as when a doctor is available. It is also possible to use the voucher for the antenatal checkup.

~Those who are eligible~
・Those who do not have a high-risk pregnancy.
・Those who are singleton and can deliver vaginally.
・Those who are not premature or overdue.

About postpartum life

There is hardly any time to take a break from bathing the baby and doing housework.
It is essential to have supporters to help raise your child as this process is challenging for your body and mind. Who is your postpartum supporter?
Take the opportunity of pregnancy to discuss how to raise your child and how to work together. This is an important part of welcoming your precious family member. We also offer classes on postpartum life.

It is the wish of all our staff that “the birth” you envision will come true and that “both you and your baby will be satisfied”.
Please feel free to consult with our midwives about anything during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.
Enjoying your pregnancy is the best way to prepare for childbirth.

Childbirth classes