Floor Map Delivery

Perinatal Center

  • Perinatal center

    Please come to the 3rd floor of the “Central Treatment Building 2” from the Hospitalization Building A at night and on holidays, and from the Outpatient Treatment Building on weekdays.


    The reception desk is located at the nurses’ station.

  • Labor and recovery room

    Free-style delivery is available. Midwives take the lead in assisting with the birth.

  • Midwifery room in the hospital

    These are where you will spend time before and after delivery. The room is completely private and you can be accompanied by family members.

  • Delivery room

    The room is equipped with not only a delivery monitoring system but also a biological monitoring system. We can also handle high-risk deliveries.

  • Neonatal Care
    Resuscitation Room

    While the mother is being treated, the baby is measured in the presence of the family.

Maternity Ward

  • Entrance

    The maternity ward is on the 3rd floor. Please come to the reception desk on the 1st floor and bring your visiting card.

  • Entrance to the Maternity ward

    Enter with a card key. It is directly connected to the Department of Maternal, Fetal, Neonatal Medicine in the “Central Treatment Building 2”.

  • Staff station

    There are two stations, one on the north side and the other on the south side. Please drop by when you visit.


    The MFICU is available for high-risk mothers and fetuses.

  • Private room

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  • Shared room

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  • Newborn care room

    Newborn babies can be kept in this room during the night upon request.

  • Nursing room

    A comfortable sofa is available for nursing.

  • Bathing room

    Bathing instruction is provided for primiparas.

  • Cafeteria/chat room

    Please use this room when you visit the hospital.

  • Shower room

    This is a shared shower room.

  • Laundry room

    Available for use with cash or hospital IC card.

Stores and Restaurants

  • Tully’s Coffee

    Services Snacks and beverages
    Time 8:00~20:00
    Sat/Sun/Holidays 9:00~19:00
  • Ichyo1F

    Services Snacks and beverages
    Weekday 8:00~20:00
    Sat/Sun/Holidays 9:00~19:00
  • K Shop Garden.1F

    Services Sundries, Shops
    Time Open 24 hours
    Remarks Open all year round
  • Post Office1F

    Services Mail and savings
    Time 9:00~17:00
    SatSunHolidays ATM only
  • Seiyoken15F

    Services Western food and beverage
    All day 11:00~
    L.O. 19:30