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  • Attending the birth, which had been suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, will resume on July 1 (Wednesday).


    Since infection is still spreading in the city, the hospital as a whole is currently restricting visits to patients. For the time being, the resumption will be subjected to the conditions below. Please note that if the situation of infection in the city becomes more serious, we may suspend the service again.


    Conditions for attendance:


    • In principle, husband/partner, one person only.
    • Limited to a period of 15 minutes around delivery.
    • Wear a mask, wash and sanitize hands.
    • No applicable conditions on the infection questionnaire (fever, cough, history of heavy contact with infected persons within the past two weeks, history of overseas travel, and presence in crowded and poorly ventilated places such as karaoke bars, etc.). Those with even one of these conditions are not allowed to be present.

    When to be present:

    The mother herself will contact her husband/partner when the delivery starts progressing. Until then, please stay at home. The timing of the call will be at the discretion of the doctor/midwife. Please understand that the delivery may proceed rapidly and you may not be able to be present. You will be asked to return home approximately one hour after delivery. Our staff will ask you to return home as soon as possible.


    Please note that we will continue to restrict visits during hospitalization except for attendance on deliveries.


    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.